Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Jumping on the Swagbucks bandwagon..

Search & Win

I know this has been all over the blogosphere and back; I'm beginning to see why.. In a nutshell, instead of using google/yahoo/lycos (hah. Remember that??) as your search engine, you use to type your search query. You then get awarded a swagbuck (or 2, 5 or even 10!). You don't get them with every search though and when you do get it (don't worry, you'll see a picture of a swagbuck dollar bill pop up nice and large), you'll be asked to type in a short confirmation code. I've heard you have 3 minutes before the 'buck disappears. Rack up those 'bucks and redeem them for everything from amazon gift cards to computers!

Easiest way to remember to search with them is to download their toolbar and search through that. Beware though, as of a few months ago, it would randomly crash Safari with no rhyme or reason.

In addition to searching through them, you can earn swagbucks by shopping through 'em, inviting friends to join via your referral link (hint, hint- click my referral for you here!) and when they win, you also do. In addition, you can send in your old cell phone, complete special offers and find special hints as to what else may allow you some 'magical swag points' (detailed list with links here).

Happy searching!

I've been dreaming of starting a 'mom reviews' sort of blog for ages. Yes, ages! The baby is finally 1, so I've had a bit more time to settle in and create this long-anticipated project of mine. Templates are still as boring as when I first started my personal blogs back in '06, and major tweaking needs to be done to personalize this; but hey-- it's fast, frugal and easy. I'm happy.

Bear with us as we tweak and redesign the generic background and header here..

Hope we're around long-term and looking forward to sharing many honest and great reviews of the products around me with you all!

With love,

Mama Nava

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