Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Banana Spike Hair Glop Molding Putty

Whee! The Banana Spike Hair Glop Molding Putty from glop & glam Hair Products that we won from Mamaista arrived yesterday! Even hubby was excited (and hair products don't usually interest him :rolls eyes:). Anyway, he scooped up BabyJ and brought him over to me for a test run. BabyJ is 1. BabyJ still has ultra-fine baby-soft hair that's getting too long to spike with a dab water+baby shampoo (the trick I used to use before we dashed out of the house on errands) and we won't be cutting for a few years. I was getting sad that his hair didn't match his ginormously-fun personality anymore; it just fell flat on his head (in all honesty, the back is starting to curl but the top-- forget about it doing anything. I think it thinks its on vacation and just lays there..). I'm loathe to use regular hair gel as there's all sorts of nasty chemicals I don't want on my precious baby's head or being absorbed into his body. glop & glam uses natural ingredients and takes away all the nasty ones! Way to a mothers heart g&g people!

According to their website: "Unlike most children’s detanglers and other finishing products, every Glop & Glam product is free of harmful alcohol, paraben and formaldehyde [hydantoin dmdm]. Glop & Glam combines organic ingredients like aspalathus linearis leaf extract, euterpeoleracea fruit extract, glycine soja (soybean) protein and punica grantatum extract with amazing natural nutrients such as aloe, camellia leaf extract [green tea] and echinacea derived from purpurea extract. These combinations protect kid’s hair from damaging environmental toxins. Beware!"

Me? I'm so happy I'm not the only one who thought kids needed hair products made specifically for them!

I take the yellow orb in my hands, untwist the cap, pluck off the white plastic, keep-contents-from-accidentally-spilling-out-safety-thingy, inhale the not-too-banana-y scent and swirl two fingers inside the 'jar.' Hmm..not much comes off in my fingers, but I attribute that to the cold-ish temps outside (that's relative you understand. We do live in the south, but it was a cold, rainy day..). I try again, and manage to get a bit more onto my fingertips. I deftly start to coax BabyJ's hair into a vertical updo of some sort. Getting there..getting there..I add more product to my fingers and work my mommy-magic. Success! His hair is actually starting to spike AND it looks cute AND hubby is happy! Best of all, I feel no gunky residue on my fingers (trust me, after years and years of all kinds of products I glopped into my own hair, this is definitely a plus!), which means I can apply when we're out and about and not have to search frantically for a sink so I don't get goo on my stroller's handles. Yippee!

Off to the park now to take pictures of the glorious new 'do. Will post when we get back..

Two [non-sticky] thumbs up on this product!

I've been dreaming of starting a 'mom reviews' sort of blog for ages. Yes, ages! The baby is finally 1, so I've had a bit more time to settle in and create this long-anticipated project of mine. Templates are still as boring as when I first started my personal blogs back in '06, and major tweaking needs to be done to personalize this; but hey-- it's fast, frugal and easy. I'm happy.

Bear with us as we tweak and redesign the generic background and header here..

Hope we're around long-term and looking forward to sharing many honest and great reviews of the products around me with you all!

With love,

Mama Nava

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